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Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul

Oral and Dental Treatment in All Branches

Oral and Dental Treatment in All Branches

Oral and Dental Treatment in All Branches

Oral and maxillofacial surgery, implantology, dental prostheses, endodontics, periodontology, orthodontics, dental radiology, restorative, conservative, cosmetic dentistry in

Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul 

High-Tech Dental Laboratory

High-Tech Dental Laboratory

High-Tech Dental Laboratory

Intraoral scanning systems, 3D smile design, computed 3D implant surgery planning, dental prosthesis manufacturing on CAD-CAD systems in

Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul

Advanced Solutions in Implants

Advanced Solutions in Implants

Advanced Solutions in Implants

Implant surgery planning with tomography, 3D teeth design, screwed prostheses, fixed temporary teeth, titanium bar systems, custom-made prosthesis systems in

Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul

Tailored Cosmetic Dentistry

Tailored Cosmetic Dentistry

Tailored Cosmetic Dentistry

Professional photoshoots, 3D impression, 3D smile design, advenced Cad-Cam systems 

Experienced technicians and dentists in Istanbul Citydent

Central Location

Central Location

Central Location

In Taksim Square, the heart of Istanbul, at the junction of Besiktas, Sisli and Beyoglu districts.

Easy access via transportation from any district of Istanbul. 

Clear and Comprehensive Guarantee Programs

Clear and Comprehensive Guarantee Programs

Clear and Comprehensive Guarantee Programs

Comprehensive and clear guarantee programs for implant and prosthesis treatments. Right to change dentist during treatment in

Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul

Dental Treatment in Istanbul Citydent
Citydent Istanbul
Plan Your Treatment

Contact us via WhatsApp, phone call or e-mail for detailed information about all alternatives without examination. Safely decide on your treatment at Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul after being informed about final process, duration, price, possibilities and risks.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Citydent Istanbul, we suggest you do so in advance, particularly for procedures such as implants and crowns. Generally, it can be challenging to arrange a same-day appointment or make a request just one or two days prior to your desired appointment date.

Citydent Istanbul
First Appointment

No fee for: Examination, X-ray, and Intraoral Tomography: Empowering Your Decision-Making Process at Citydent. Your opportunity to ask detailed questions to Citydent Istanbul dentists and actively participate in the planning stage, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the process. Make an informed decision after the examination and planning, all provided free of charge at Citydent. 

If you're unsure, you have the option to leave Citydent Istanbul Dental Clinic without making any payment, and you can make your treatment decision at a later time.

Citydet Istanbul
Transparent Pricing

Your Trust is Our Priority. Prior to any treatment, we provide printed information detailing all treatments and prices. You will have the opportunity to review and sign the document, ensuring complete transparency and informed consent. At Citydent Istanbul, we value your trust and prioritize clear communication before commencing any treatment.

Don't neglect the quality of treatment processes, materials, and dentists when evaluating dental treatment prices. Therefore, please make sure to ask all the important questions you need before evaluating dental treatment prices.

Citydent Istanbul
Discounts & Payments

We offer standard discounts based on the amount and complexity of your treatment. Our payment options include cash, credit card, and eft/swift transfers. Please contact our coordinator or schedule an appointment at Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul to inquire about dental treatment price options for your treatment.

We don't have marketing campaigns or special promotions that change from season to season for prices of implants, veneers, and other dental treatments.


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Benan İlayda KARAMANBenan İlayda KARAMAN
Berkay SAKİNBerkay SAKİN
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We understand the sensitivities of our patients and plan their treatment processes systematically. In this way, we gain the satisfaction of our patients from many parts of the world.

1.102 Google Comment

My doctor was Esin Yülek and I am very happy with her work. Very professional, friendly, and dedicated time into explaining the procedures to me.

Sven Leach / GERMANY

The BEST dentist in Istanbul!!!!!!! Seriously I’ve been to others and after coming here there’s no comparison! Dr Nevra’s work is amazing, our sessions go smoothly. She sorted out so many of my issues so quickly. She was very attentive and diligent. Makbule is so helpful and honestly brightens up my day when I see her, her communication and positive attitude is incompatible. I recommended this clinic to all my family and friends and have never received a single complaint!!!!


I recommend this hospital because it’s very clean and they’re very kind thank you so much for everything

sezar /

Omggg, it’s the best doctor that i had in my life. Zero pain, so careful and very polite doctor Cansel Yegane and her assistant Ebru Yalcin. Thank you soooooo much. I had teeth cleaning, and it was the best in my life. I will definitely recommend u to everyone!!!!!!

Jasurbek Murtazaev / ANTALYA

Dr bantam and her assistant dilara was so kind and perfect.I am so satisfied and also I didn’t have any pain they were so careful about my wellnesses.

safoura cheraghi / IRAN

Very satisfied with my appointment with Dr Hussein and Emre. Both was very helpful and Emre made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure. Highly recommend!

Ibrahim Al-Mamun / IRELAND

Very good clinic
DR. Sinan is really professional
and all the assestens was very kind
Thank you for everything.


I had serious teeth problems since my childhood. I have been quite few dental clinic. Cagdas Aycan was the best dental doctor I have ever seen. And would like to thank to his kind and professional assistant Miss Ikbal.

Ali Saliev /

Although in the rest of the other sprawling medical centers in Istanbul in modern areas and their advanced and advanced services to clients and patients, when I went to the (city dent) center .. I found the medical experience and accumulated knowledge..
Dr. (Sinan) was a great scholar full of knowledge and information. When he spoke to me, he made me settle and decide to perform the operation in this center. Dr. (Sinan) was wonderful, brimming with sweetness and morals.
The beautiful and attractive lady (Aida) had a great role in choosing and deciding to choose this place, she was very wonderful with her work..
The lady (Asistan Yildiz.) and the young man (Mahmoud)
And the beautiful young woman sitting in Aida’s room, the ladies at the inquiries, the lady in the radiology, and all the others, as well as the doctor who worked the temporary teeth, they were very wonderful with their work in terms of preparing, preparing the place, examining, examining and everything..
Thank you from the heart and soul.. Thank you for your beautiful souls..
Dr. (Sinan), thank you for the size of the sky, and I can say that you are one of the best dental surgeons in Istanbul.

From my heart, you all have a thousand love and peace and a thousand stories and tales.

Dr. Hatif Al-Rakabi
Professor of international law in the European Union.

Dr Alrekabi / IRAQ

Very nice experience... Professional doctors and friendly services...Much much better than China.. 比中国反正是好了几百倍吧。


I attended the dentist clinic, was amazing hospitality, very clear helpful service, makbule assistant was very good and happy person. I would recommended this clinic and assistant makbule to all my friends and family.


Dr Cagdas and his team are amazing. Special thanks to Dr Ikbal. Very professional, friendly and caring. The surroundings are calming and everyone puts you at your ease. The whole process is transparent; explanation of your options and costs. I had two implants done and the procedure was very smooth!!!


This is not the first time that I pay a visit to Citydent , but this was different , I was the patient who needs help immediately after suffering from a teeth infection . In the evening of February 6th I called Miss Hind the patient's coordinator at citydent , I explained her my medical situation , and she promised me to give me an appointment on the 7th of February . Although the Clinic's busy schedule ,she kept her promise and assigned miss Kübra to take care of me , I would like to thank her and doctor Hüseyin for being so professional and very kind with me . I wish you the best . Best Regards


i got this place recommened from a friend from the outside you worry a bit... but as soon as you step in the door it is a different world very professionel staff and very helpful I give the highest recomendation regarding this dentist and the prices are way cheaper compared to denmark. like a 1/5 of what i had to pay in denmark very skilled and talented team

Christopher Kaus / DENMARK

Being from Australia and backpacking for the past few months, I was a little apprehensive visiting a Turkish dentist for my regular checkup, clean and polish. Yet, Citydent were amazing in every way possible! They squeezed me in and did a brilliant job cleaning my teeth. I paid 230 lira for everything! Dr Berkay Sahin was awesome! His English is excellent and even recommended me a few places to go out in Istanbul. Don’t hesitate giving this place a go - it’s around the corner from Taxsim Square (2nd floor)


They don’t pick up the ohone

Muuri / FRANCE

Excellent dentist clinic in the heart of Istanbul. Friendly staff and professional dental treatment. I am very pleased. Thanks.

Mate Lozancic / GERMANY

I had Dr Bearkat help me remove my wisdom tooth, pain free, fast, it was quite friendly, professional experience. Highly recommended! And he speaks good English. I prefer talk with the doctor in the clinic. They are quite professional

Jingyi Shen / CHINA

The best and the busiest clinic in Istanbul. I got my two dental implants installed, closed sinus lifting, (Dr. Sinan), entire lower jaw zirconium crowns (Dr. Cansel). No pain whatsoever. They work as one team, helping one another. Thank you Dr. Cansel Yegane. You are the best in the world and the most professional dentist. All the team doctors and assistants, I thank you so much!

Alexander Khazanov / ISRAEL

Dr Sinan is a great professional! He is really talented- I removed a wisdom tooth recently. I was scared a lot but it was careful and almost no pain 👍🏻 Also 3 years ago my mother made her implants here and since than she’s had an amazing smile ☺️ Thank you very much!

Клара Бондарчук / RUSSIA

Welcome to Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul, where your dental health and well-being are our top priorities. We are thrilled to have patients from all over the world seeking quality dental care at our esteemed dental clinic in Istanbul. At Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul, our mission is to provide you with exceptional dental treatments while ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout your journey with us. Our team of experienced and highly qualified dentists is dedicated to delivering top-notch care, addressing your unique dental needs with precision and expertise. As a one of leading dental clinics in Istanbul, our commitment to excellence is unwavering.