Technologies at Citydent

Technologies at Citydent

At Citydent Istanbul, we take pride in being one of the most technologically advanced clinics not only in Turkey but also in Europe. Our state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies enable us to provide treatments with higher success rates and greater patient comfort. We continually invest in the latest technological advancements to offer our patients the most advanced and effective treatments available in the field of dentistry.

Citydent Istanbul utilizes advanced technologies in their dental treatments, including 3D scanning, computer-aided design, and laser techniques. These technologies increase the accuracy, speed, and success rate of the treatments, providing patients with more efficient and effective solutions. Additionally, Citydent Istanbul uses only high-quality, bio-certified materials for their procedures, ensuring the safety and longevity of their patients' dental health.

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What is Means full mouth dental implants cost Turkey

Intraoral Scanners offer high-quality digital impressions which allow a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planing. The process of taking dental impressions for denture becomes much more comfortable and quicker for the patient and better results are achieved. , Full Mouth Dental İmplants Cost Turkey, The ability to accurately capture the hard and soft relationships enables your dentist to satisfy the aesthetic and functional needs of you. Your dentist can start, stop and restart scanning any time you want. Using the data obtained by intraoral scanners, it is possible to produce porcelain metal infrastructure, porcelain with zirconium infrastructure, full ceramic crown, inlay-onlay filling, abutment and temporary crowns.


  • Your oral structure is scanned within minutes and your data are transferred into digital media. A typical full-mouth scanning time ranges from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the number of teeth to be scanned.

  • Impression tray or any other measurement material is not used during the scan and patient comfort is improved.

  • Faster results are achieved compared to conventional impression techniques. Conventional modeling techniques are not needed any more.

  • Errors related to the patient, physician or technician are minimized. It improves efficiency, reduces errors and enhances communication with patients.  Intraoral scanners eliminate hassles and errors in bite registration process. For example, patient gagging because of the impression tray in mouth may lower the level of accuracy of the impression in the conventional method.

  • The hard and soft relationships, in other words the teeth and gum distinction is very important for dental impressions. By using intraoral scanners, it becomes possible to make dentures that fit better and look natural.

  • Immediate analysis of the digital model in terms of its quality can be done during or immediately after the scan. Errors caused by individuals are minimized. They allow more accurate porcelain dental and infrastructure designs, as the finished design can be observed on computer.Full Mouth Dental İmplants Cost Turkey

  • There are no impression material applied to your mouth. There is no need for re-preparing the impression tray. If the scan is of a non-satisfactory quality it can be repeated quickly. Intraoral scanners are easy to disinfect and they have autoclavable scanning tips.

  • Intraoral scanners offer real color representation. They produce true color models and tooth shades can be detected better.

  • Errors of constructing a plaster model is eliminated by using intraoral scanners.

  • It is more easy and efficient to archive digital models, compared to conventional models. As the data of your mouth and jaw structure are digitally stored, a later finding is done very easily without re-taking new impressions.

  • If there is a problem of parallelism during the trimming phase, it is immediately detected.

Imaging your mouth and jaw structure is very important for correct diagnosis and treatment planning. Your dentist may use this technology to produce 3-D images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan.  These images allow more precise treatment planning as they help the dentist to evaluate diseases of the jaw, dentition, bony structures of the face, nasal cavity and sinuses.

Seamless and/or immediate implant treatments which are called guided surgery, become possible by using 3D imagining systems. Surgical plaques suitable for the patient’s mouth are prepared with special programs based on the 3D oral image of the patient. By using this technique, your dentist can visualize the precise placement of simulated implants.Full Mouth Dental İmplants Cost Turkey

After your dental impressions are taken by using intraoral scanners, your denture infrastructure is scanned by a 3D scanner. This technology can be used in porcelain with metal infrastructure, dentures over implants, full ceramic crowns and porcelain with zirconium infrastructure. Your dental impression is transferred to a special design software after the scanning process and your denture infrastructure is designed. 3D scan and design techniques shorten the process of making dentures. They create your prosthetic teeth with the high level of accuracy and cosmetic.


  • Dentures can be made much faster than conventional methods.
  • Errors caused by technicians are minimized.
  • In conventional methods, metal infrastructure copy can be prepared after the wax rim is fabricated. Several inconsistencies may occur during this process between the wax and the metal. Much better intraoral accuracy is achieved in laser sintering method as metal is made directly based on the digital dental impression.

The CAD/CAM technology is used by dentists to improve the design and creation of dental restorations, especially dental prostheses, including zirconium-based porcelain crowns, all-ceramic crowns, crown lays, veneers, inlays and on-lays, fixed bridges, dental implant restorations, dentures and orthodontic appliances. Your dental impressions, that are transferred to scanner systems, are milled in this electronic device and you get the most precise, durable and well-fitting restorations possible. 


  • These materials, that are used by CAD/CAM systems, are better in quality, strength and durability.
  • Dental restorations, fabricated from CAD/CAM systems, possess optimum strength.
  • With the use of CAM/CAD systems, turnaround time is significantly decreased.
  • CAM/CAD systems improve the predictability of outcomes.
  • Human errors are minimized.

The greatest characteristic and strongest point of these electronic needles  is that they minimize the pain given to the patient by performing an automatic pressure measurement. It controls the amount and speed of injection of anesthetic solutions. Our patients are very satisfied with this technology as it eliminates pain from injections and create an anxiety-free dental experience.

This device measures the shade of a natural tooth in all lighting conditions in the fastest and easiest way. Our dentists scan your teeth by using the color measurement device and suggest a color suitable for you by analyzing factors such as tooth hue, saturation, brightness / darkness, transparency etc. The data displayed by the device makes it possible to perfectly match the color of your teeth to ensure a natural aesthetic look. By using this advanced technology, we assure you that you will no longer have to worry that one of your crowns or veneers will not match the rest of your natural teeth. After the digital measurement and the analysis of our dentist, the ultimate choice will always be yours.

Full Mouth Dental İmplants Cost Turkey

The hard tissue laser is used to treat hard tissue such as the jawbone and teeth. Hard tissue lasers treat cavities by targeting only the decayed part of a tooth. The tooth-like filling is directly applied to the tooth instead of creating a larger opening for traditional amalgam and composite fillings. The process is finished with the sterilization of the tissue that surrounds the tooth. This helps to prevent any further tooth decay.
Hard tissue laser cleans unwanted soft tissues on bones and provides a sterile and clean bone surface for dental implants. It is possible to completely clean all unwanted soft tissues after tooth extraction and to clean infected areas, lesions, cysts totally before implant installation. Hard tissue laser allows to take impression of teeth while opening implanted surface painlessly and bloodlessly. Risk of infection is substantially decreased by this method. After laser supported implant treatment, recovery period is shorter and less painful.

Advantages of Hard Tissue Laser at implant treatment:
• Increase success rate of implant after implant treatment
• Decrease risk of lesion after implant treatment
• Decrease pain level after implant treatment and recovery period is shorter
• Treatment would be possible at the beginning of an infection
• Treatment of sinus rifts is possible.

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is an advanced technology and medical innovation that helps your bone and soft tissue to heal faster. The saturation of the wound with PRF helps faster tissue regeneration. Speedier healing decreases the risk of later infections, complications, and discomfort. Fibrin technologies can be used for bone grafting for implants, bone repair and fistula repair.

Application Areas at implant treatment:
• surface of implant area,
• surface of bad bone area,
• during sinus lifting operations,
• while using bone graft,
• on the whole of extracted tooth,
• at the possible bleeding areas,
• while shifting gum
• on the areas of transferred bones and connective tissues
• on the areas of thin and/or defected bones.

Advantages: strengthens bone graft, increases the chance of successful placement of the implant to the bone, decreases the risk of infection.

Hygienic standards are at the highest level at Citydent. All possible sterilization and disinfection procedures are carried out in our clinic. Disposable items such as needles, syringes, gloves and patient drapes are for single-use. We use advanced autoclave systems for all non-disposable items. Autoclaving is the best way of sterilizing instruments. An autoclave is a device that uses steam to sterilize equipment and instruments.

Technicians are one of the most important elements for making durable and aesthetic dentures. Besides experienced dentists and high-technology, you need high skilled, well trained technicians to get satisfactory results in cosmetic dentistry. At Citydent, we have our on-site laboratory with our own high skilled technicians. Having a lab on-site allows us to maintain the highest level of quality by maximizing the critical collaboration that occurs between our dentists and the dental lab. Our on-site lab helps us to minimize the costs and provide you with your dentures as soon as possible.