Implant Brands We Use



  • Used and approved by best dental clinics for decades.  Success rate of implant can be figured only after long time.


  • Leader implant brands which are applied worldwide. To get support of  implant parts after implant treatment anytime and anywhere.


  • Which have superiorties on prosthetic phase.


  • Implant price/benefit advantage for affordable solutions.


  • We apply mostly ITI, Hiossen and Osstem in Dental Clinic Citydent Istanbul. Though we support most of the best implant brands at bellow  which are also being applied  at the best dental implant clinics in istanbul Turkey and Europe.
Citydent Advantage

We use implants that have proven their quality over the years. We use three of the most commonly used implants worldwide.



In addition to the quality of the implant, the prevalence of the implant is also extremely important. This way, you can easily find support for the same implant in different clinics, cities, and countries.


We work with internationally renowned brands that we have tested ourselves over the years for products such as implant abutments, measurements, metal and zirconia substructures, porcelain powders.

Information about supported implant brands in Citydent Istanbul

ITI (straummann): The Switzerland-based Straumann Group is the most established implant company in modern dentistry and is known as the most prestigious company worldwide. It features implants with SLActive surfaces, which are one of the most advanced implant surfaces developed and patented by Straumann himself. It is the dental implant company that allocates the largest budget to R&D. By mixing titanium with zirconium, it has introduced the Roxolid model with a harder alloy. The fact that it offers thinner implants such as 3.3 mm in diameter and shorter implants such as 4 and 6 mm for insufficient bone volumes, following their long-term success, is proof of the significant investment that has been made in development. We are currently applying the BLX model, which offers innovations for immediate application and was recently introduced in our clinic. The possibilities offered to digital dentistry and the wealth of prosthetic parts make the work of patients and physicians easier. 

ITI Straumann implants are more expensive because they use high-quality materials that are biocompatible and offer excellent osseointegration properties, as well as advanced technologies that require significant investment in research and development. These factors contribute to the high quality and reliability of Straumann implants, which are considered a premium brand in the dental implant market.

Osstem: Osstem is the leading implant company in Asia, and one of the most widely used implant brands worldwide. The fact that the implant abutment connection structure is the most copied in the dental market is proof of the success of the company's product research and development. Osstem is not limited to producing implants, but is a well-established firm in the field of dentistry. The fact that they perform gamma sterilization within their own structure is evidence of their long-term success. Osstem implants are designed to be minimally invasive, meaning that the treatment process is less uncomfortable for patients than traditional implant placement. Osstem is the most frequently used implant in our clinic, as it is suitable for digital dentistry and has proven its success in the long-term cases that we have applied ourselves.

Benefits of Osstem Implants

  • High success rate: Osstem implants have a high success rate, with up to 95% of implants remaining stable and functional for over 10 years.

  • Long-lasting results: Osstem implants provide a stable and long-lasting foundation for the implant restoration, ensuring a reliable solution for missing teeth.

  • Minimally invasive: Osstem implants are designed to be minimally invasive, making the treatment process less uncomfortable for patients.

  • Biocompatible: The titanium material used in Osstem implants is biocompatible, meaning it is not harmful to living tissue and is less likely to cause allergic reactions or other issues in the mouth.

  • Versatile: Osstem implants can be used in a variety of situations, from single-tooth restorations to full-arch reconstructions.

  • Wide availability: Osstem is one of the most widely used implant brands worldwide, with a strong presence in many countries. This means that patients in many different locations can access this high-quality dental implant treatment.

Hiossen: Manufactured in the USA, Hiossen is one of the leading brands in the North American market. With its digital infrastructure, Hiossen offers a wide range of solutions for screwed superstructures. We have been using both Hiossen implants and superstructure parts for many years in our own clinic, and we have observed their long-term success in our cases. Hiossen is widely used in our clinic thanks to its reliability, trouble-free application, and ease of use.

They distributes their products through a network of authorized dealers and sales offices in more than 50 countries. Hiossen Implants are known for their high-quality, reliability, and versatility, and they are a popular choice for dental professionals and patients around the world.



Bego: Bego Implant Systems was founded in 1990 in Bremen, Germany. The company has a long history of innovation in the dental implant field, and it is known for its commitment to quality and reliability. Bego Implant Systems offers a range of implant solutions, including both two-piece and one-piece implants, as well as a variety of prosthetic components, surgical instruments, and digital solutions. Bego Implant Systems' products are designed to provide a stable and long-lasting foundation for implant restorations. Bego Implant Systems has a strong international presence, with distribution partners and subsidiaries in more than 90 countries around the world. This allows patients in many different locations to access Bego Implant Systems' high-quality dental implant solutions.

Nobel Biocare(branemark): This dental implant brand, based in Sweden, is one of the oldest and most trusted implant makers in the world and has the largest share in the global implant market. It has become the market leader due to its "all-in-four" system, which was developed for atrophic toothless lower jaws. Today, although it faces more competitors than it did ten years ago, the brand has managed to maintain its success and reliability. Nobel Biocare is known for its advanced digital solutions, which can help dental professionals to plan and execute implant treatments with a high level of precision and accuracy. These digital solutions include imaging software, surgical guides, and other tools that can help to improve the success rate of implant treatments.

SKY(bredent): SKY is a dental implant brand that was established in Germany by Bredent and is one of the leading dental companies of the world, especially in the fields of dental prosthesis, upper-structure and denture attachments. Their products allow immediate loading for toothless jaws and can be angulated upto 35 degrees. So, it allows the dentist to place them away from areas such as sinus cavity and nerve canals. It also provides the opportunity to apply fixed dentures in severely resorbed lower jaws. It is possible to use these products for many different types of mouths and patients. SKY has become an increasingly favored brand by dentists due to the many opportunities it provides. The angular abutments, produced by the company for toothless mouths, are used as a part of the fast and fix system. However, the brand is expensive than its equivalents. Therefore, we may also use different brands in our fast and fix treatments according to the financial preferences of the patient.

Biomet3i: Produced in the United States of America, Biomet 3i is the most common and well-known implant brand of the American continent. The brand has been subject to many scientific works and theses and has already proven its expertise in the area. Preliminary studies and their results on the Platform- Switch implants that the company produces are quite challenging.

Tekka: Introduced into the Turkish market in 2010, this French brand allows early-loading due to its active attachment properties and offers the 6-mm short implant alternative. Especially in cases which have a very limited time, need immediate loading and if the lower jaw is only suitable for 6-mm short implants, we prefer to use the products of this brand.

IBS: This South Korean dental implant brand has developed a unique system of its own. There is a reversely angulated groove with a large platform right below the neck of the implant. This groove prevents dead bone cells from being carried to the neck part of the implant during the treatment. Therefore, these products hinder many unwanted problems such as early infection, bone loss and soft tissue immigration. It also allows to drill the implant hole with a single drill and to keep the bone in its place for later use with the technology that IBS has developed. The brand also has a system that is used particularly on soft areas with sinus prolapse. This star-shaped, osteotome-like system eliminates the need to carry out sinus-lifting. Besides, thanks to the unique technology it uses, this system allows to apply dental implants in a short time. I also supports bones. It is a frequently used brand at Citydent because of its relatively affordable price and good performance.

WIS (World Implant System) : Based in Italy, WIS products all have SLA surfaces. It offers a 3-mm-diameter dental implant for thinner bone areas. There are also 6.5-mm-diameter implants that can be used in the sockets of molar teeth after extraction. WIS’s abutments that are thick enough and ready to be angulated can also be used for measurement. These implants with platform switch have two versions, one for hard and the other for soft bones. Because of its high rate of osseointegration success, we prefer and recommend this brand with confidence.

Xıve- Ankylos(Friadent-Dentsply) : XiVE and Ankloy are two brands that are manifactured by one of the world’s largest dental solutions company Dentsply which has many offices all around the world, including Britain and Germany. XiVE and Ankloy are trustworthy brands that are preferred by many patients and dentists. The 3-mm-diameter implants developed years ago within the XiVE system are particulary an important alternative to be applied on toothless areas with insufficient bone thickness. Ankylos implants, on the other hand, are one of the first platform- switch implants and are quite favourable especially for toothless back parts of the mouth. Widespread distribution and support network of XiVE implants make the brand a preferable for dentists, especially in the Anatolian region.

ASTRA TECH: It is a Sweden-based company that produces Platform-Switch implants which have become one of the most-commonly preferred implants. This implant brand was purchased by Dentsply, an industrial giant, and is used with confidence by many dentists from all over the world, including Europe and Turkey.            


CSM: This South Korean dental implant brand uses Platform-Switch implants. Its sub-merged implants that can be embedded in 0.5 mm deep into the bone, create perfect match with the bone. Thanks to its milling abutment alternative, affordable prices and high success rate, CSM is one of the most preferred brands at Citydent.

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