Citydent Istanbul Plan Your Treatment

Contact us via WhatsApp, phone call or e-mail for detailed information about all alternatives without examination. Safely decide on your treatment at Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul after being informed about final process, duration, price, possibilities and risks.

Citydent Istanbul First Appointment

Complimentary First Examination, X-ray, and Intraoral Tomography: Empowering Your Decision-Making Process at Citydent. Your opportunity to ask detailed questions and actively participate in the planning stage, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the process. Make an informed decision after the examination and planning, all provided free of charge at Citydent.

Citydet Istanbul Transparent Pricing

Your Trust is Our Priority. Prior to any treatment, we provide printed information detailing all treatments and prices. You will have the opportunity to review and sign the document, ensuring complete transparency and informed consent. At Citydent Istanbul, we value your trust and prioritize clear communication before commencing any treatment.

Citydent Istanbul Discounts & Payments

We offer standard discounts based on the amount and complexity of your treatment. Our payment options include cash, credit card, and eft/swift transfers. Please contact our coordinator or schedule an appointment at Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul to inquire about dental treatment price options for your treatment.