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Teeth Cleaning - Scaling

As Citydent Istanbul dental clinic we offer a wide range of services to help patients achieve optimal oral health. One of the most important procedures we offer is teeth cleaning, which is essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

During a teeth cleaning appointment at Citydent Istanbul, your dental hygienist dentist will use special tools to remove any plaque and tartar buildup from the surface of the teeth and along the gum line. This process helps prevent cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems.

In addition to removing plaque and tartar, Citydent Istanbul's dental hygienist dentists will also polish the teeth to remove surface stains and leave them looking bright and shiny. They will also offer advice on how to improve your oral hygiene routine at home, including brushing and flossing techniques.


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Scaling (teeth cleaning) is a dental procedure used to mechanically remove bacterial plaque and tartar from teeth. The procedure is done to prevent plaque and tartar buildup from causing cavities or inflammation in the teeth. During scaling, the dental hygienist dentist mechanically cleans the bacterial plaque and tartar that accumulate on the upper surfaces of the teeth and the upper part of the gums. It is important for the health and brightness of your teeth and should typically be repeated every 6 months to 1 year.


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When and how often should teeth cleaning be done?

If your dentist has not recommended a more complicated cleaning procedure or a different frequency based on your oral and dental health, scaling should be repeated every 6 months to 1 year.

Is teeth cleaning painful?

Is anesthesia used during tartar cleaning? Scaling is usually painless. However, if your teeth are sensitive or your gums are very sensitive, you may feel some discomfort during the procedure. In this case, you can request anesthesia from your dentist.

Does scaling only clean tartar?

No, scaling also cleans bacterial plaque from the teeth.

Does tartar cleaning whiten teeth?

No, scaling does not whiten your teeth. However, it can make your teeth look brighter and cleaner because plaque and tartar are removed.

Can scaling damage teeth?

No, scaling does not damage teeth; rather, it helps keep them healthy. Scaling mechanically removes bacterial plaque and tartar from teeth, thereby preventing inflammation and cavities.

Is there pain or discomfort after teeth cleaning?

Scaling is usually painless. However, if your teeth are sensitive or your gums are very sensitive, you may feel some discomfort during or after the procedure. This discomfort is generally mild and short-lived, and can go away within the first few days after the procedure. If the pain persists or increases, please contact your dentist. Your dentist will explain the cause of the pain and how to prevent it, and will take the necessary precautions.


Do I need to take appointment for teeth cleaning in Istanbul Citydent?

Yes, we recommmend you to make an appointment for teeth cleaning at Citydent. Dental clinics typically operate on a scheduled basis to ensure that each patient receives proper attention and care. By making an appointment in advance, you can secure a specific time slot that is convenient for you and ensure that the necessary dental professionals and equipment are available for your teeth cleaning procedure. It is advisable to contact for teeth cleaning in Istanbul Citydent directly to inquire about our appointment process and schedule your teeth cleaning Istanbul appointment at a time that suits you.


There is no fee for the control appointment to determine if teeth cleaning is necessary. We offer this service free of charge. Please reach out to Citydent Istabul  directly to schedule your control appointment and confirm the details of our complimentary assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you taking good care of your teeth? Even if the answer to this question is "yes", plaque formation can still occur on your teeth. An adhesive and transparent layer forms on the surfaces of teeth and along the gum line. This formation is called plaque. The bacteria living in these plaques can damage the enamel of the teeth and the gums. Plaque can lead to the formation of tartar in mouths with poor hygiene. Tartar is formed by the hardening of bacteria and minerals in saliva. Plaque and tartar can cause diseases such as gum inflammation. Therefore, tartar cleaning is important. So what is tartar cleaning? Let's answer this question first.

Of course, it is not harmful. In fact, there is even a main branch of dentistry that focuses on this procedure. Tartar is the causative factor of all gum diseases. Ultimately, it needs to be removed from the mouth by conscious and competent hands. However, avoiding oral hygiene practices with the idea of "my dentist will clean it anyway" will lead to tartar buildup after every procedure. What is important is not just getting tartar cleaned, but keeping teeth clean. Tartar cleaning is not a cosmetic procedure, but a form of treatment.


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Teethcleaning in Istanbul is the process of removing the layers of tartar that accumulate on the surfaces of teeth. These deposits, located at the junction of the teeth and gums, can cause inflammation, sensitivity, and damage to the gum tissue over time, leading to gum diseases. The mildest form of gum disease is gingivitis, which is characterized by bleeding gums. Tartar, with its yellow, brown, hard, and porous structure, easily traps food and debris, making it challenging to maintain proper brushing and flossing techniques. Additionally, tartar can contribute to bad breath due to bacterial growth. Regular tartar cleaning is crucial for preserving oral hygiene, proper care, and should not be postponed. Dentists in Istanbul utilize special tools to effectively remove tartar and promote oral health.

When thinking about "how is tartar cleaning done?", it should be known that this is not a cleaning that can be done at home. Tartar cleaning is performed by expert dentists in dental clinics. Tartar is usually removed using special hand instruments and ultrasonic devices, and is taken away from the surface of the teeth. In some cases, laser devices may also be used. After plaque and tartar are removed from the mouth, the tooth surface is polished with special polishing materials and brushes. The rough structure of the tooth surface decreases, making new plaque formation more difficult.

Tartar cleaning varies depending on the depth and amount of tartar. Dentists not only clean tartar but also perform all oral care. Tartar cleaning, which lasts on average 25-30 minutes, can take up to 1 hour in some cases. It usually ends in a single session, but the number of sessions may increase in cases where advanced gum diseases are present.


After undergoing teeth cleaning in Istanbul Citydent, it is essential to follow certain guidelines to maintain oral health and ensure the effectiveness of the procedure. It is normal to experience some sensitivity in the teeth and gums following the cleaning. To minimize discomfort, it is advisable to avoid consuming very hot or very cold foods and drinks for at least one day after the procedure. Additionally, it is recommended to abstain from products known to cause discoloration in the gums, such as tea, coffee, cola, and cigarettes, for at least two hours after the cleaning.

Continuing regular dental hygiene practices is crucial to sustain the benefits of teeth cleaning. It is important not to interrupt dental cleaning and to maintain a consistent brushing and flossing routine. Regular brushing, using a soft-bristle toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, helps remove plaque buildup and maintain oral hygiene. Flossing should be done at least once a day to clean between the teeth and along the gumline, preventing tartar formation and gum diseases.

By following these post-teeth cleaning guidelines and maintaining good oral hygiene practices, individuals can optimize the results of their teeth cleaning procedure and promote long-term oral health in Istanbul. It is also advisable to consult with the dental professionals at the clinic where the cleaning was performed for any specific instructions or recommendations tailored to individual needs.

The frequency of tartar cleaning is determined by the dentist. The frequency of dental check-ups, oral hygiene, and care are decisive factors in this regard. Experts recommend tartar cleaning every 6 months in cases of gum disease or risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, etc. If your mouth and saliva are prone to plaque and tartar formation, more frequent check-ups and dental cleaning may be required. Individuals who are more prone to tartar include those who:

  • Usually have dry mouth due to aging and medication use
  • Cannot perform dental cleaning properly
  • Received radiation therapy in the head and neck area
  • Smoke
  • Consume too many sugary or starchy foods and drinks
  • Cannot maintain regular oral hygiene routine

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