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Implants in Istanbul Citydent

Implants in Citydent

♦ Placing more than 200 implants monthly. Supporting 12 famous internationally implant brands. Full coverage guarantee program.

♦ Implants without surgery alternative (Guided-implants) No fee for Ct Scan. 3d planing at special programs.

♦ Custom abutment and screw retained implant crown solutions. More functional more aesthetic.

♦ Fixed temporary prosthesis after implant instead of temporary denture. More aesthetic more functional.

♦ Digital dental impressions instead of traditional putty impressions. More convenient for patients.

♦ 3D design of your teeth by specialists at special programs for more aesthetic and functional teeth.

♦ Electronic teeth color detection for more natural teeth to prevent human mistakes.

♦ Prosthesis infrastructure with CAD/CAM systems. Hi-tech dental labarotary

Learn your dental implant treatment plan

Dental implants Turkey

Click whatsapp or mobile icons for quick answers. You can send communication number and/or email address, info of your present problems via contact form. We will answer you as soon as it is possible with your treatment plan andquestions. We can give you more accurate answers if you send us your Xray.  , We dont ask for pre-payment or commitment for your treatment.

Implants Consultation in Citydent Istanbul

Your X-ray and CT scan are taken before the consultation. Although CT scan is an expansive method, we ensure you that all the consultation steps, including X-Ray and CT scan are totally free of charge. You will save at least 400 Euros by merely taking advantage of free consultation at Citydent. Based on the analysis of dental X-rays and CT scan, your bone density and volume can be assessed and information about your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone can be gathered in a single scan.  These images allow more precise treatment planning as they help the dentist to evaluate diseases of the jaw, dentition, bony structures of the face, nasal cavity and sinuses. So your dentist will decide the number and place of the implants and indicate whether your bone would need any support, i.e. an artificial bone replacement / grafting or sinus lift is needed. Then, a comprehensive and precise treatment plan is provided. Your dentist will answer all the questions you have. During that process you will have the chance to evaluate the quality of our clinic and dentists. After the consultation, you can leave the clinic without paying anything, if you have a slightest concern about your treatment.

Citydent is offering world class dental treatment in Istanbul since its foundation in 2006.  We are a team of highly experienced and skilled English speaking dentists, hygienists and friendly support staff all ready to serve you. Every member of our team has many years of focused training and ongoing personal development in the area of dentistry and implantology. We carry out more than 200 implant replacements, hundreds of crowning and other treatments every month for patients from foreign countries. 3 of our dentists are specialized in implant surgery. They have placed thousands of implants in their career. Other 8 dentists are specialized in prosthesis over implant. At Citydent, we have our on-site laboratory with our own 10  high-skilled and experienced technicians. Dental İmplants Turkey , Having a lab on-site allows us to maintain the highest level of quality by maximizing the critical collaboration that occurs between our dentists and the dental lab. Our on-site lab helps us to minimize the costs and provide you with your dentures as soon as possible.

Thanks to knowledge, skills, experience and technological opportunities, we are capable of replacing all of your teeth (requires in total 12-14 implants) and treating even toothless mouths in one day. In some cases, the surgical procedure can be divided into a few sessions, especially for the comfort of the patient. Our average time of surgery for a single dental implant is 15 minutes, though this duration differs from patient to patient. For an implant treatment, you will need 3 to 5 days for surgical phase including temporary prosthesis and control session. 

After the surgical procedure, there is a waiting period which takes 2-3 months for the lower jaw and 3-5 months for the upper. During this waiting period, a prosthesis is placed on the standard implant. This interim period is necessary because we have to wait for a healthy bone tissue to appear between the implant and jawbone before further procedures. After waiting for a sufficient amount of time, the placed implants area is opened and measured for the prosthesis. The prosthesis stage is finished in 3-5 sessions and takes about a week.

Prosthesis Phase:

Porcelain fused metal crowns:

Screw retained: up to 4 crowns (4-5 days ), over 5 crowns (5-6 days)

Custom abutment: up to 4 crowns (5-6 days ), over 5 crowns (6-7 days)

Porcelain fused zirconium crowns:

Screw retained: up to 4 crowns (3-4 days ), over 5 crowns (4-5 days)

Custom abutment: up to 4 crowns (4-5 days ), over 5 crowns (5-6 days)

Please visit separate pages at the below for different treatment indormation.

We  usually use Swiss implants of ITI Straumman and Nobel Biocare, German implants of Bego, Osstem – South Korea, Hiossen – USA. In addition to them, we support most of the well-known international brands. For more information, please visit supported implant brands page at the below.

Thanks to the high-tech infrastructure and experience on this field we are among one of the few clinics who offer temporary fixed crowns (prosthesis) instead of temporary dentures after the placement of implants. Most of our patients want temporary teeth at the interim phase due to aesthetic concerns. Conventional method was to prepare interim dentures for those patients. But it is not easy to use dentures for the patient and they are not aesthetic enough . Now it is possible to provide fixed temporary crowns via digital dentistry and CAD/CAM systems. We can apply your interim crowns in a few days after placing of your implant. Dental İmplants Turkey


More aesthetic and comfortable than temporary dentures.

Force disperses better to different directions and thus, the risk of bone loss is lower.

Gums recover faster. As the gums will remain intact, your dentist won’t need a surgical operation at prosthesis phase.

Final prosthesis phase will be more comfortable  and shorter.

Implants and prosthesis are under our warranty program. Consult us for detail of our warranty program. Dental Implants Turkey.

Our clinic is in Taksim, center of Istanbul. Very close to many hotels and travel alternatives in additon to historical and shopping places. We can assist you for your accomodation and transfer if you need. 

Learn Impants Prices in Citydent in Istanbul and Ask all questions you have. 

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