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Full Mouth Dental Implants


Implants can be applied in all oral dental cavities with sufficient bone thickness and length. However, every edentulous area may not be sufficient and suitable for implant placement. In order for the screwed teeth to be placed in a healthy way, it is necessary to have a bone area of ​​thickness and length that will contain the volume occupied by the implant and surround the screw tooth.

Especially in the absence of a single tooth, the adjacent teeth may move towards the empty space over the years and there may not be enough space to allow implantation in this area. In such cases, if the teeth are not restored with orthodontic treatment, it is not possible to make an implant, and the only alternative is to make a prosthesis by eroding the adjacent teeth. Patients who want to have implant treatment in the area with a single tooth cavity, start implant treatment without waiting for a long time, this risk will be eliminated.

In cases where there are two or three missing teeth next to each other, but the adjacent teeth cover a part of this tooth gap, one or two implants can be made in the area in question and a prosthesis can be made on it to cover the other parts. However, in this case, both implant planning and prosthesis planning are extremely important in terms of aesthetics. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to meet aesthetic expectations.


It is possible to make a screwed interdental bridge in jaw areas where more than one tooth loss has occurred. For example, if the condition of the lower jaw bone of a person who has lost all his teeth in his lower jaw is suitable for placing screw teeth of the desired length and diameter, even with the application of 5 or 6 implants, a 14-member fixed bridge prosthesis can be made. In other words, from a biomechanical point of view, this means that 5 implants can carry 14 teeth.

• Screw thread can be applied in all cases of missing one tooth, missing more than one tooth and complete edentulism.

• In the absence of a single tooth, a fixed crown can be made on the implant without touching the adjacent teeth.

• In people who have lost more than one tooth, screwed fixed crown or bridge can be made without touching the adjacent natural teeth.

• Fixed bridge veneers can be made with the help of more than one implant in cases of regional edentulism or total edentulism.

• In completely edentulous cases, the retention of the prosthesis/palate can be increased by 20 times in people who use total prosthesis/palate, and chewing and speech disorders can be completely eliminated.

There are 28 teeth In a completely healthy mouth if we exclude the wisdom teeth. However, not all missing teeth require an implant.
When planning a fixed prosthesis in completely edentulous mouths, Usually the lower and upper jaws are evaluated separately while planning the whole treatment process Our upper jawbone is softer and spongier than the lower one. It can be said that the post-treatment structure in the lower jaw renders it more resistant than the upper jaw.

In completely edentulous cases, it is possible to restore the lost teeth to patients by placing 4 to 8 implants in a jaw. After 3 or 6 months, the treatment is finalized by making single-block prostheses consisting of 12 to 14 teeth in one jaw, depending on the size of the mouth and jaw structure. The difference in the number of implants varies according to the bone condition of the person, as well as many factors. Bone length, width, volume, quality, sagging sinuses, and similar factors will affect the number of implants. Thanks to new technologies, implants can be successfully applied to many cases that were previously thought to be impossible to implant.

The exact number of implants to be made for a fixed prosthesis in a completely edentulous mouth can be clarified after a panoramic x-ray and a detailed examination. In cases where sufficient data for planning cannot be obtained with other imaging, it can be planned after 3D scan.

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