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Dental Treatment in Istanbul?

Everything You Need to Know on Dental Treatment Abroad


  • Be sure about the clear and transparent pricing. Send your X-rays and/or photos if possible. 

  • Take into consideration the quality of the brand, dentist, and clinic while comparing the prices.

  • Compare the technological equipment.

  • Get definite information about the treatment aftercare and warranty programs.

  • Be sure about the quality of the laboratory where the dentures are made.

  • Express your aesthetic expectations clearly and thoroughly and ask for concrete samples.

  •  Add an extra day to the duration of your stay for any complications that may occur.

  • The location of your clinic and/or hotel is extremely important to avoid wasting your time in a traffic jam.


What is Means  hollywood smile İstanbul

Costs and prices of dental implants and cosmetic dentistry are much more affordable in Istanbul than most European countries. Yet there are some price differences between dental clinics in Istanbul. Here are some factors that cause such differences:

Brands of implant and prosthesis: Implant brands used by implant clinics in Istanbul are different from each other. Approximately 150 different brands are used for implant treatment in Turkey. While considering the price of implant treatment, always take into consideration the implant brand, its quality and its prevalence. It is very important to prefer quality brands, which are bio-certified for metal, zirconium and full porcelain crowns. We recommend that you to ask the brand that will be used for your treatment. The most expensive brand may not be the most suitable solution for you, but the cheapest one may not be the healthiest solution.

Experience and skill: Even if the best and most expensive implant is used, the result may be a failure due to an incorrect or incomplete treatment. The price of implant treatment includes the surgical procedure as well as the implant. There is a price difference between a dentist with a high level of skill and experience and a dentist who is not experienced enough. In the long term, not only the dentist but also the skill and experience level of the dental clinic is very important. The experience and skill of your dentist as well as the quality of the materials used are extremely important in cosmetic dentistry.

Equipment and technology: In implant treatment, many Technologies such as fibrin, laser, etc. are used to increase the success rate. In addition to this, the equipment used in the surgery and the quality of the materials such as bone dust, are extremely important. For prosthetics, three-dimensional scanners, computer-aided design and special scaling systems are factors that increase quality and speed. Higher technology and higher quality materials can increase the success rate but also increase the costs.

Quality of prosthesis: Patients do not examine the prosthesis as much as implants before the treatment. It is the prosthesis that you will use in your daily life while laughing, eating or talking. Therefore, the quality, aesthetics and stability of the fixed or removable prosthesis that is place on the implant are as important as the implant itself. The infrastructure of the prostheses and the quality of the porcelain used are extremely important.  They have to be nickel free. The skill of the dentist who will prepare your prosthesis is also a preliminary point in terms of the aesthetic appearance of the prosthesis as well as its durability. Quality and experience also increase the cost.

Quality of the technician: Skilled and experienced dentists are very important for your dental treatment, but don’t forget that your prostheses and their infrastructure are produced by technicians. Experienced and aesthetically qualified technicians are naturally more expensive than the others. Many clinics do not employ their own technicians and outsource these services. One of the most important factors determining the crown price is the cost of the technician. Even the best dentist can not be successful without qualified technicians and quality materials.

Transparent pricing: Implant treatment is not just about the implant price. Crowns are not included in the price of implants. The reason for this is that the price of the crown that is placed on the implant varies according to the type. For example, the price of a porcelain fused to metal crown is not the same as that of a zirconium-based porcelain crown. In one clinic the implant price may be lower, while in another clinic the prosthesis price may be less. When considering implant prices, be absolutely sure about what is included in the price. Moreover, the prices of surgical procedures such as sinus lifting, bone grafting, etc. which can be performed during implant treatment, can vary. Do not make decide on your treatment only by looking at the advertisements.


You can have a great deal of knowledge about the scope, duration and price of your treatment before visiting Istanbul for dental treatment. Please send us your X-rays that you can have in your own country via e-mail or WhatsApp. If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, you can send us pictures taken at different angles showing your teeth while you are laughing.  how much does a full set of teeth implants cost in turkey

However, X-rays and photographs may not allow us to plan your entire treatment exactly. For example, you may need a root canal treatment for those teeth that are not seen under your crowns. Yet, even in this case you may have an idea about at least 90% of the content of your treatment and its price. In this respect, you do not encounter with surprises when you come to Istanbul for dental treatment.

If you will have an implant treatment you may also need different procedures during the treatment. For this reason, be sure to get information about bone augmentation, sinus lifting and other surgical procedures as well as their prices.

The prices of the crowns on implants may be different from standard crown prices. Please get specific information about the prices of these crowns on implants. Crowns vary according to their properties. Please do not forget to ask for pricing by type of the crowns. (For example porcelain fused to metal crown, nickel-free metal-based porcelain crown, laser-sintered metal-based porcelain crown, zirconium-based porcelain crown, etc.)


Nowadays, many treatments can be done in shorter time thanks to technological developments. However, the shortest time may not be the ideal time for you. It is your right to get the shortest treatment time possible while spending your limited free days for this treatment. But shortening your treatment can sometimes lead to long-term problems.

There are protocols that your dentist has to apply for a successful treatment. The skipping or shortening of several protocols may reduce the rate of success in the short and long term. In addition, products quickly and carelessly produced by the technician can frustrate you. Therefore, trying to shorten the treatment period too much may result in much longer treatment time after failed outcomes.

Even if the treatment protocols are fully complied with, there may still be some problems. There are no clinics exempt from such problems. Therefore, adding one or two extra days to your stay will allow you to have a successful treatment.

If you have sufficient bone in your jaw, this may shorten the treatment time to a single stage implant surgery instead of a two-stage procedure. 3D scanning and CAD/CAM systems also allow a certain reduction in treatment duration.


100% treatment success is not possible even for the simplest treatment in the field of health. There is no such thing as unlimited patient satisfaction or 100% treatment success. Even in clinics with very qualified and highly experienced physicians in the field of implants, the implant success rate is around 98%. This rate is slightly lower when the patient does not follow the instructions given after the implant surgery and does not pay attention to oral hygiene.


Although it sounds pleasant, there is no unlimited or lifetime warranty in dental health. Some implant brands that we use offer lifetime guarantees, but this guarantee only covers the implant itself, not the implant surgery procedure.

Please always get detailed information about the content and conditions of the guarantee offered to you by dental clinics, including Citydent. Many clinics can not provide a written warranty contract to their patients. Uncertified warranty may not be reliable. You can find our warranty terms on the main page at the relevant section.


Most of our patients have a pain-free period after the implant placement by using painkillers. Therefore, you can also enjoy your visit in Istanbul during both implant and prosthetic treatments.

Make your travel plans flexible, especially during the prosthesis phase. Depending on the progress of your treatment, appointment times and days may vary. Due to your aesthetic demands, additional appointments may be needed.

In Istanbul, traffic congestion may cause transportation from one place to another longer than you expected. It can spend a lot of time in traffic jam during peak hours on weekdays. Make sure to choose a dental clinic and a hotel that are close to places you plan to visit. It is also important that your clinic and your hotel should be close to public transport such as metro or metrobus.


Signed forms of all patient comments on our website are kept in our clinic and can be seen if requested. However, do not choose your dental clinic by looking only at patient comments. Clinics can only publish good comments and may not prefer to publish criticism. A good way to evaluate dental clinics is to search them in the internet by typing the clinic’s name together with the word “complaint”. (for example type “Citydent complaint”). how much does a full set of teeth implants cost in turkey, We can not prevent negative comments from other websites about us. In addition, we can help you to contact patients who have come to us from the same country you live in, if you need to get an opinion about us.


Istanbul is a big city where approximately 15 million people live. Traffic jam is a major problem in daily life. If you do not want to spend a lot of time in traffic and want to spare special time for yourself, you should be careful while choosing your hotel and your clinic. Choosing the clinic and your hotel within walking distance, if possible, will be a significant advantage for you. Also, be sure to make your accommodation choice close to touristic places where you will spend your free time. Please note that the most comfortable means of transport in Istanbul is metro.


We do not offer packages, including flight and / or accommodation in order to let our patients to see and consider our treatment prices. If you want we can help you to contact with hotels that we work together for discounts or we can make reservations for you. We do not get any additional commission from these hotels.

However it is not possible to say that those treatment packages, including flight and / or accommodation, are not advantageous in every case. You have to make your own maths by adding up all your possible expenses and compare it with the package prices. how much does a full set of teeth implants cost in turkey, Yet, it is very important that do not ever accept any treatment commitment before coming to Turkey and visiting the clinic. After your first appointment, you can be able to change your mind about the treatment. Never decide for a treatment before a face-to-face consultation, except for very reliable references.


Unsuccessful treatment: The biggest problem about treatment abroad is that if your treatment turns out to be unsuccessful, you have to go back to the country where you have been treated, or you have to extend your stay. With a treatment in experienced hands, quality materials and advanced technology, this risk is quite low. You have to make your choice carefully.

Especially in implant treatment, the greatest risk is that the patient does not adequately follow the instructions of the physician during the waiting period after implant surgery.

Prolongation of the treatment time: There is no such thing as 100% success in dental treatment. However success rates are quite high in a clinic with experienced dentists and advanced technology. In order to reduce the risk, it is better to add one or two extra days in addition to your planed treatment schedule.

Aesthetic disappointment: The biggest difficulty in the field of cosmetic dentistry is to meet the aesthetic expectations of the patient. In addition to the experience and skill of your physician, the most important factor is a healthy and open communication between the patient and the physician. The risk of dissatisfaction will be minimized if you share your expectations with the physician with concrete examples (photographs, models) before the treatment.

Treatment aftercare support: Another problem in dental treatment is that adequate support can not be obtained after treatment and problems of the patient are not seriously addressed. The most important factor is the trust and open communication between the physician / clinic and the patient. But this is not enough. A warranty program should clearly describe the rights of the patient and the rights of the clinic. Do not forget that warranty programs that are open to interpretation can be interpreted against you even if you are right.


A significant portion of social security funds in European countries do not cover dental implant and cosmetic dentistry treatments. The availability of dental treatment in abroad varies according to your social security or insurance. While some social security institutions allow the patient to have a dental treatment without any prior approval, while some others require approval before treatment. At this point, we recommend you to consult your social security institution and get the necessary information. If you inform us about the necessary approvals and procedures beforehand, we can prepare them for you in advance.


If you are covered under the Turkish social security program, you can have your dental treatment for free at public dental clinics and centers of the state. However, dental implant treatment and cosmetic dentistry are not covered by social security in these public hospitals.

In dental hospitals of state universities, the patient has to pay the implant fee, surgical treatment fee and the crown fee.

Private dental clinics, private dental hospitals and dentist’s offices do not have an agreement concerning dental care with social security institution in Turkey.


We recommend that you should first try solve the problem with your clinic and dentist. If you can not solve it, you can make a complaint to the Dental Chamber of Istanbul. An arbitral committee will be appointed by the chamber and it will examine your complaint.