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Dental Implant Price Factors

Dental Implant Price Factors

The pricing of implant treatment depends on the condition of the mouth and tooth structure of the patient as well as the preferred implant brand. Thus, it is not possible to give an accurate price before seeing the panoramic X-rays and/or consultation.


There are more than 150 implant brands in the market, and implant tooth prices can vary widely from brand to brand. The most expensive brand is not always the right one for you. At a well-equipped clinical environment with good planning and treatment, many brands have been able to provide very successful treatments in the last few years as a result of their investment. On the other hand, each brand may have different advantages or disadvantages over the others and thus, can provide more successful results depending on the treatment method or the case. In order to have a general idea about the brands and to compare their prices, a consultation of an experienced dentist is necessary.


Open Surgery: It is the most commonly used method in which the implant is placed by making a small incision in the gum.

Closed Surgery: In this method, also called seamless implant, incision is not made and the flap is not removed. It is more expensive than open surgery as it requires tomography and surgical guide. All brands do not support this method.

Abutment costs are usually included in the price of the implant, but the cost may increase in implants with custom abutments. Especially the price of zirconium abutment which is used for central incisors due to aesthetic purposes is more expensive than other alternatives. In recent years, custom implants have become more popular in the world and in Turkey. As an alternative to the standard abutment, custom abutments are designed specifically for the patient. The oral impressions of patients are taken by either conventional methods or 3D intraoral scanners and upper-structure of the implant is manufactured by special devices from titanium.

In some cases, resorption of jawbone may occur because of missing tooth or some illnesses. Then, before implantation, the implant area has to be strengthened by using graft and membrane as we need an adequate bone strength. Teeth İmplants Turkey, Bone augmentation prices may vary depending on the amount of graft and membrane to be used and the difficulty of the operation. You can find out whether you need bone grafting or not by sending us a recent X-ray of your teeth or by getting an appointment from Citydent.

Sinus lifting is necessary when significant sinus ptosis is seen in the maxillary area. The price may vary according to the size of the sinus ptosis. You can find out whether you need sinus lifting or not by sending us a recent X-ray of your teeth or by getting an appointment from Citydent. Open sinus lifting surgery is more expensive than closed sinus lifting surgery.

Bone graft may not be sufficient for patients who do not have enough bone quality. In these cases we may get the required bone from another part of the patient’s jaw and place it into the implant area. Then, you may also need bone augmentation. If you need such methods, they may increase the cost of your treatment.

Zirconium and porcelain-based crowns are more expensive than metal-based crowns. You may find more information or the advantages and disadvantages of implant crowns in the cosmetic dentistry section.

Teeth İmplants Turkey, Temporary crowns may be necessary during the waiting period after implantation, especially for toothless mouths, missing front teeth or chewing difficulties. There are two different types of temporary crowns: temporary dentures or and temporary fixed prostheses. Temporary fixed prostheses that require advanced technology are a more expensive than temporary dentures.

Implant prices may vary according to the 3D imaging, 3D design, CAD/CAM, laser, fibrin, etc. technologies that are used during the implant and prosthesis stages. The brands and quality of different material such as grafts and membranes are also important pricing factors.

The most important factor in implant treatment is the dentist. Any problems regarding the planning and the application of the treatment by the dentist may directly affect the success of implant treatment. On the other hand, the experience and skills of the physician who prepares the prosthesis is also very important for having solid and aesthetic implant teeth.

Dental technicians, design and manufacture prostheses that are placed on the implant. For this reason, experienced and skilled technicians and a high-tech laboratory are as important as physicians for having aesthetic and solid prostheses.

Istanbul offers world-renowned treatments at affordable prices in dentistry services, as in many other medical fields. However, those who want to receive dental treatment in the city should know that Istanbul hosts a very different cultural and socio-economic structure. It can easily be said that this is very normal for Istanbul with its population exceeding 15 million, as in other mega cities of the world. Citydent strongly recommends that ,especially to non-local patients- while researching for implant prices alternatives also should be evaluated in terms of other vital issues such as physician knowledge and experience, the institution's continuous technology and training support to physicians and other personnel, material quality, warranty and patient education programs.

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