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Custom Implant - Abutments


A dental implant-supported tooth is made of three parts: the dental implant; the crown; and the abutment. The dental implant is the screw tooth that copies a tooth root. It is placed inside the jaw bone and supports the overlying abutment and crown. The abutment is screwed inside the implant.  Dental implant brands often produce standard abutments in different diameters and lengths. However, these standard diameters and lengths may not be appropriate for every patient. Therefore, customized abutments offer a solution to this problem. The dental laboratory fabricates an abutment that resembles the shape of a natural tooth. The custom abutment fits perfectly on the implant and supports the gum tissue similar to a natural tooth. 


The difference between a custom abutment treatment and a standard abutment is at the prosthesis phase. In the first session of the prosthesis phase, we need to take a digital impression of the implants and teeth of the patient to prepare data to produce custom implants. This data is transferred to special milling machines to prepare custom implants. Custom abutments are screwed to implant at the second session. Rest of the process is the same with standard implant treatment.


We are one of the few clinics who provide state of the art custom implant solutions.

An abutment is a connector, placed on, or built into, the top of the dental implant, to connect the implant to the prosthesis. Dental implant brands often produce standard abutments in different diameters and lengths. However, these standard diameters and lengths may not be appropriate for every patient.

We design your abutment using 3D planning software according to the impression of your teeth which was taken by our intraoral scanner. Custom abutment is manufactured with our CAD/CAM systems according to the digital data of your teeth and implants .You can get more aesthetic and more stable crowns with custom implant solutions. The cost of custom abutments is almost the same with the cost of standard implant abutments at Citydent. We support implant brands such as Nobel Biocare, ITI Straummann, Bego and Argon to design custom abutments.

Custom implants are applicable to all cases where standard implants can be applied.

Duration of the surgery phase is same with the duration of standard implant treatment, and both depend on the case and number of implants (1 to 4 days). Preparation of the prosthesis takes a little longer than standard implants since custom abutments are not ready and have to be manufactured.

Up to 8 teeth: 6 or 7 working days

More than 8 teeth: 7 or  8 working days

Provide more aesthetic appearance due to custom design according to gum shape.
More effective to prevent remaining food to enter veneer from sides and it is easier to clean.
Increase success rate of implant treatment and implant lifetime because of the fact that your abutment is made according to your gum and teeth positions.

Force applied on the implant disperses to different directions thanks to the custom design and fabrication.

Prosthesis phase is one session longer than standard abutments

The first surgical stage of implant placement is a standard procedure and same for all sorts of abutments. The difference of custom abutment from standard stock abutment is that the crown is placed after the necessary measurements are made. CAD/CAM systems are used to get a detailed image of the tooth socket of the patient and the root is prepared according to this impression. Thereby, the dentist does not have to adapt a prefabricated stock abutment according to the form of the patient’s tooth sockets and gums.