Implant after chemotherapy

Implant after chemotherapy

At Citydent Istanbul, we are delighted to offer advantageous discounts on implant treatments and aesthetic treatments. While our packages do not include hotel accommodations or transfers, we are more than happy to assist you in arranging these services. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information and to learn about our advantageous offers. Our team at Citydent Istanbul is here to assist you and provide all the information you need. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you make the best decision for your dental treatment.


Why we dont offer hotel packages?

Making a commitment before consulting with our dentists can be risky, as you can  change their mind after seeing the clinic or meeting with the dentist in person. While patients may be excited about what they see on  websites or hear on the phone, we encourage them to wait until after the first consultation to make any decisions about treatment. Dont give your final dental treatment decision before real dental consultation. 


This is because Citydent Istanbul prioritizes patient autonomy and the ability for patients to make informed decisions about their dental treatment without feeling pressure to commit to a specific clinic or treatment plan. By not offering hotel packages, Citydent Istanbul allows patients to choose their own accommodation that best suits their preferences and budget, rather than feeling tied to a specific clinic or treatment plan.


Citydent Istanbul is located in an area where there are hundreds of hotels available, which makes it relatively easy to create a hotel package for dental tourists. However, we made a conscious decision not to offer such packages. Citydent Istanbul is located in the Taksim area of Istanbul, which is a central location with numerous accommodation options available in close proximity to the dental clinic. Patients who visit Citydent Istanbul for dental treatment have a wide range of hotels to choose from, all within walking distance of the clinic. This makes it easy for patients to find a suitable hotel that meets their needs and preferences, while also providing convenient access to Citydent Istanbul for their dental appointments.


This approach is also aligned with Citydent Istanbul's commitment to providing high-quality dental care in a patient-centric environment that prioritizes individual needs and preferences. Our top priority and main focus is quality of dental treatment.  Ultimately, Citydent Istanbul's decision not to offer hotel packages is a reflection of the clinic's values and priorities, and its commitment to providing the best possible experience for dental tourists visiting Istanbul


Though we can suggest you hotels


In addition to not offering hotel packages, as Citydent Istanbul  we may still be able to provide you with suggestions for hotels that are conveniently located near the clinic. This approach can help patients find suitable accommodation options that are in close proximity to Citydent Istanbul, while still providing them with the freedom to choose their own accommodation.


By providing patients with information on nearby hotels, Citydent Istanbul can help patients make informed decisions about their accommodation while also ensuring that they have convenient access to the clinic for their dental appointments.


Citydent Istanbul could potentially include the cost of a hotel in the dental treatment package or sacrifice some aspects of the treatment process in order to accommodate for the cost of accommodation. However, this is not part of the clinic's policy.


Citydent Istanbul is fully committed to providing high-quality dental treatments and ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. This includes maintaining a focus on the treatment process and prioritizing patient needs and preferences.


While Citydent Istanbul may be able to provide guidance and support on accommodation options, the clinic's policy is not to include the cost of accommodation in the dental treatment package or sacrifice any aspect of the treatment process for the sake of accommodation costs.


Why we dont provide airport services?


Citydent Istanbul does not offer airport shuttle services for patients traveling to the clinic for dental treatment. While offering an airport service may seem like a convenient option, there are numerous operational problems that can arise with this type of service and we lived most of them many times. 


For example, offering an airport shuttle can be challenging due to legal restrictions on transportation services at airports. Additionally, patients may have difficulty finding the shuttle or experience delays due to traffic or other logistical issues. Furthermore, if a patient's flight is delayed or arrives later than expected, the shuttle may already have departed, leaving the patient stranded at the airport.


For these reasons, Citydent Istanbul has decided not to offer airport shuttle services. Instead, the clinic provides patients with information and support to arrange their own transportation to the clinic, including taxi services, public transportation, or rental cars.


By providing patients with guidance on transportation options, Citydent Istanbul can ensure that patients arrive at the clinic safely and on time, while avoiding the operational issues associated with shuttle services. Ultimately, Citydent Istanbul is committed to providing high-quality dental care in a safe and convenient environment, and prioritizes patient needs and preferences throughout the entire dental tourism experience.



We are in walking distance to legal airport shuttles and metro station for airport


Citydent Istanbul is located in the heart of Istanbul, in the Taksim area, which is easily accessible from both Istanbul and Sabiha Gokcen airports. There are many airport legal shuttle services available that provide reliable and safe transportation to the Taksim area, which is in walking distance to Citydent Istanbul and many hotels.


Additionally, Taksim Metro station is also within walking distance of Citydent Istanbul, providing another convenient transportation option for patients. By choosing to provide patients with guidance and support on transportation options, Citydent Istanbul ensures that patients can easily access the clinic without experiencing any traffic issues or delays.


These transportation options are available all the time, including weekends and holidays, providing patients with maximum flexibility when traveling to the clinic for dental treatment. Ultimately, by offering guidance and support on transportation options, Citydent Istanbul can provide patients with a more seamless and convenient dental tourism experience, while also prioritizing patient needs and preferences throughout the entire process.