How Long Do Implants Last?

How Long Do Implants Last?

It has been observed that implants can remain in the mouth for 30-40 years or even a lifetime without any problems. Therefore, some dental implant manufacturers have started to market implants with a lifetime warranty under certain conditions. However, today, the healthy lifespan of dental implants can be shorter due to various reasons. The question of how long do dental implants last depends on many factors. General health and, more importantly, oral and dental health directly affect the lifespan. Individuals who regularly take care of their oral health and use the necessary methods correctly during care can have a much longer lifespan. In addition to brushing teeth, the use of dental floss and mouthwash is extremely important for oral and dental health. Smoking and alcohol use are factors that negatively affect the lifespan. Gum diseases and other illnesses that affect bone quality can significantly reduce the lifespan of implants. Good planning and proper implementation of implant treatment are the most important factors that increase the lifespan of implants. The single criterion for successful implant treatment is not only to ensure the fusion of the implant with the bone after the necessary waiting period, but also to prevent medium and long-term problems that may arise due to incomplete planning in the area where the implant is placed.


To extend the lifespan of implants, it is necessary for the patient not to neglect annual check-ups with their dentist. Early diagnosis and treatment of problems/diseases that may occur in teeth, gums, and bone surface can ensure that the implant stays in the mouth for long years in a healthy way.

Another point to consider is that the lifespan of the implant and the lifespan of the prosthesis placed on the implant may differ from each other. Even if there is no problem with the implant, problems can occur with the prosthesis placed on the implant, and the prosthesis may need to be repaired or replaced. Although the prosthesis and implant interact with each other as two parts, they are independent of each other. In a mouth where the implant is intact, a prosthesis placed on the implant can be repaired or replaced without any problems.