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Considering Cosmetic Dentistry?

First thing's first: insisting on the "perfect shape, form, and color" may not gonna give you your best smile. Like shirts and dresses! We gonna recommend to take this step very seriously and book at least an hour-long appointment with an expert aesthetician to get their professional opinion for you and discuss every tiny detail. 

♦  Your occlusion, teeth or gums may not allow your aesthetician to perform all aesthetic alternatives and cosmetic smile designs for you.

♦  If cosmetic dentistry is applied to less than necessary number of teeth, your all-ceramic crowns may seem incompatible with your other teeth.

Keep In Mind During Your First Appointment


♦  Talk to your dentist about all your expectations and options.

♦  Please discuss all your expectations with your dentist in concrete terms by using visual examples.

♦  Please listen to your dentist carefully about what can be done specifically for you. Your expectations may not always meet the reality. Ask your dentist to explain the feasibility with concrete visual examples.

♦  Please do not neglect your gums. The harmony of teeth and gums is an important factor in cosmetic dentistry.

♦  The color choice for new teeth is an important step. Please consider harmony and naturalness with your other teeth. Even if you have very aesthetic, but not natural looking new teeth, you may feel unsatisfied as time passes.

♦  If you agree on a specific option for your treatment, be sure not to leave anything ambiguous and try to sign a written contract.

The edges of the maxillary incisors should look like a circular line from the front to the back when you smile. This line, called the “spee curve” in dentistry, makes the smile quite aesthetic.

For an aesthetic smile, posterior teeth are expected to appear at a certain level on the smile line. If not, dark areas at the corners of your mouth may cause an unpleasant appearance.

In an ideal smile the imaginary line that passes through the pupils is parallel to the line tangent to the the edges of the two central incisors.


Symmetry is very important because the mismatch in the shape and dimensions of the incisors is easily spotted. In this respect, the providing a symmetrical view as far as facial lines allow adds an extra charm to the smile.

The embrasures are natural spaces between the edges of the teeth. For an aesthetic and ideal smile, the sizes of embrasures must increase from incisors to posterior teeth.

The width and height of the upper incisors in the visible area of the mouth must be 1/16 of the width and length of the face. For an aesthetic smile, the size of the teeth must suit to this rule. For example, the ratio between the width of anterior incisors and the width of lateral incisors should confirm the golden ratio.

To have an aesthetic smile, the ratio between the width and the height of the two central incisors must match the golden ratio.

Your teeth have never only one color. The natural color of a tooth is neither pure white, nor a single color. The colors of dentin and enamel are always different. There is also a color difference between the cutter tip of the tooth and the bottom part that is close to the gum. Besides, one of the important factors that make up the color of the teeth is light reflection and light absorption. The light transmission of the cutter tip of the tooth and the bottom part that is close to the gum is not equal. So the color and the transparency change according to the part of the tooth.

A tooth has three parts: 1- the bottom part that is close to the gum: this part is yellowish and opaque even for the brightest and whitest smiles; its light transmission is low. 2- the middle part of the tooth: less yellowish and % 25 transparent; its light transmission is more compared to the bottom part. 3- the cutter tip of the tooth: usually % 50 transparent and whiter than the other parts; but as it has more light transmission, it looks grayish under bright light, because the darkness of the mouth is reflected through its transparency.

The complexity of the differences in color and transparency of natural tooth shows us that we have to approach this issue with great attention in cosmetic dentistry. It is very important to be able to match the natural tooth color of the patient when making all-ceramic aesthetic crowns. In order to be able to this, we have to get a detailed color and transparency analysis and to project a color map of the teeth.

The curve of the lower lip must be equal to the curve joining the edges of the anterior incisors. As much as these curves match each other, the patient will have a younger and more attractive smile.

Gingival line, that appears when you smile, must be parallel to the line of the upper lip. Gingival line is like a frame circling a beautiful Picture and adds meaning to your smile.

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