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Things To Consider

The most important factor is the color, right? Let's choose the most glamorous shade for your best smile! 

Everybody have their unique natural teeth color -the one befits perfectfor you! But it may not be possible to detect which color tone fits you best and which is the most natural one for you just by taking a look to the scale. 

♦ You should first decide whether you want to have a natural looking smile or a different style such as Hollywood style teeth. The natural looking teeth may be darker in color depending on your personal lip shape, skin color, ...etc.

♦ If you cannot decide it by yourself, you can allways check it with your dentist even with a friend whose taste you can trust.

♦ If  the clinic does not use electronic color devices, just be sure to have your appointment during daylight. The best color detection can be done in daylight.

♦ Teeth color detection devices are the best to avoid errors caused by different light and eye illusions. You don't want to get wrong shade depending on simple things like the time of the day or room light, right?

♦ It is very important that the color of your new teeth matches your natural teeth color. 

♦ If you have tartars on your natural teeth, always consider to get scaling before choosing a shade. Always keep in minds that your daily habits are and will be affecting your teeth color. 

♦ Beaware that the all material from porcelain powders to adhesive agents to be used also have great importance.

How to select a shade that matches your natural tooth?

If only a part of your visible teeth is to be crowned, it is extremely important that the color of your new tooth matches your natural tooth color. If there are stains on the tooth, they should be cleaned before tooth color selection. However, tooth color selection is quite risky after tooth cleaning or tooth bleaching. Tooth cleaning and bleaching are temporary solutions and unless they are repeated, your tooth color will become darker. As your crowns will get less dark with time compared to your natural teeth, there may occur a color difference between your porcelain teeth and natural teeth. Cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush before color selection may reduce this risk. Another option is that your dentist can clean just half of your teeth and select the color by determining the color shade difference between two parts.

One of the most important factors in color selection is to carry out the process under natural sunshine and at a bright weather. Color selection under artificial light may cause errors. Special lights which simulate natural daylight has been produced in order to avoid this risk. But they are still risky for color selection.

· Creating an ideal environment under daylight is difficult and subjective.

· Optical illusions can easily happen.

· Color shade perceptions of the dentist and the patient may be different.

There are special electronic tooth color measurement devices developed to eliminate such risks. With these devices, ideal measurements can be made each time, without the need for ideal daylight and by avoiding optical illusions. Our dentists scan your teeth by using the color measurement device and suggest a color suitable for you by analyzing factors such as color shade, saturation, brightness / darkness, transparency etc. The color offered by the computer software is check by the dentist and the color selection is made by considering patient’s expectations. Thanks to electronic measurement, color selection is not limited with the scales.


Do you know that the 4 incisors at the front are at least one shade lighter than canines? Premolars and molars are not as yellowish as canines, lower teeth are usually half shade darker than upper teeth. Besides, the tooth itself is not composed of a single color! The colors of dentin and enamel are always different. There is also a color difference between the cutter tip of the tooth and the bottom part that is close to the gum. The colors in tooth pallets have 3 main components. These are lightness or darkness of the color; density of the color; and shade of the color. Many brands offer various scales showing natural tooth colors. One of the most widely used is Vita Classic (there is a picture of it below). The color shades shown below are the most common seen natural tooth color shades.

The “A” color shades shown on the pallet refer to shades of red and brown. The “B” color shades refer to shades of red and yellow. The “C” color shades refer to shades of gray. The “D” color shades refer to shades of red and gray. In addition to these, there are hundreds of color shade options at different values within the range of these color shades.

Inadequate or improper oral care and consumption of too much tea, coffee, cigarettes and similar things that change the color of teeth may change the natural color of your teeth. Age is also another factor that makes your teeth yellowish.


If all visible teeth will be crowned, then there will be no need to match the natural color of patient’s teeth. In that case patient’s aesthetic expectations becomes much more important. However, aesthetic perceptions of each patient show great differences.
In many cases, patients may wish to select colors that are more assertive and very close to white. To fulfill these expectations, dental porcelain firms have produced special color scales (bleach, omega, etc.). Colors in this scales are brighter than the others.


This device measures the shade of a natural tooth in all lighting conditions in the fastest and easiest way. Our dentists scan your teeth by using the color measurement device and suggest a color suitable for you by analyzing factors such as tooth hue, saturation, brightness / darkness, transparency etc. The data displayed by the device makes it possible to perfectly match the color of your teeth to ensure a natural aesthetic look. By using this advanced technology, we assure you that you will no longer have to worry that one of your crowns or veneers will not match the rest of your natural teeth. After the digital measurement and the analysis of our dentist, the ultimate choice will always be yours.

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