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Citydent Warranty Program / Prosthesis Warranty

Citydent Warranty Program / Prosthesis Warranty

Warranty created based on the experience of 15 years and 35.000 cases

Patient-friendly, clear and written warranty program with no vague wording.

Clear statement of every possibilities and actions

Covers almost any possible inconveniences as well as material, prodcution and applications errors


  • Prosthesis fracture that is not caused by external factors (accident, strike, improper usage) (5 years warranty)
  1. Repair and if necessary reproduction guarantee for the first 5 years after the placement of the prosthesis will be completed free of charge.
  2. Patients who have bruxism (teeth grinding) are not covered by the article 1.a. of the warranty program.

Damaged mouth and teeth due falling, traffic accident, etc.

  1. If the prosthesis is exposed to extraordinary pressure. For example: breaking nuts with teeth, opening crown cap, biting a wire, etc.
  2. If the problem related to the prosthesis is caused by another disease or another treatment other than the prosthesis treatment.
  3. Spacing between partial prostheses or between natural tooth and prosthesis that may occur due to swinging of natural teeth as a result of a gum disease.
  4. Problems occurring in the prosthesis and teeth due to bone loss because of gum diseases in the region where the prosthesis is located.
  5. Problems concerning oral health and aesthetic that may occur due to the space between the prosthesis and gum after gum recession.
  6. Problems arising from oral and gum diseases that may occur due to the lack of oral hygiene.
  7. For whatever reason, the prosthesis should not be intervened in another clinic without informing Citydent. (If for any reason the adhesive is discarded and the prosthesis is removed, bonding the prosthesis in a different clinic does not violate the warranty).

 If our patients living abroad need to visit Citydent because of problems that are covered by the 6 months warranty program, up to 250€ of their accommodation and transportation expenses will be covered by Citydent for once only. This refund is valid for treatments that cost over 2000€. In order to be able to get the payment, patient should be examined by our dentist and it is has to be confirmed that the problem is covered by the warranty program.